Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogging is nice

Why blog exist? Honestly, I don't know also but whatever reasons it may be. I am thankful to the creator of this new trend. Well, I admit that I am not brilliant as Dan Brown who wrote a lot of mind stripper novels. I'm doing this just for fun, as a hobby or for expressions. I am new of this, as you can see in my blog record, I have just started  later last year (2010). As far as what I've notice, blogging has no rules. You can write anything in your own genre. You can use your own language, character, personality and style. Who cares? that's who you are. Anyways, if they doesn't like what you'd wrote, they all have the freedom to close your page. Your blog is like a displayed items in the market which the customer has the freedom to buy or disregard your products. But they are not allowed to destroy or steal it. I am thankful always to those who criticized my blogs because they are helping me improve more. I do appreciated those comments regarding technical writing issues. But I am requesting to do it nicely and objectively not subjectively. Because once you send me a trash words just expect to receive it and prepare you trash mouth cause I will let you eat those words till you get sick of it. hehehe  Just  Kidding. :) Enjoy Blogging.  

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